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11 July 2011

Nottingham and Good-Bye to England (for Now)

Day 46: Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I had a train booked from York to Nottingham. Jacek walked me to the train station, and I boarded the train, first to Sheffield, where I changed onto a second train to Nottingham. I listened to my ipod the whole way.

Nottingham is a bigger city, so it had more of an urban feel, which felt comfortable to me. My host, Luisa, came to the train station to meet me. We dropped my bags off at her place, and after a small bite to eat, set off to explore the city. It was really fun - apparently she found my antics of climbing on the Robin Hood statue quite hilarious.

We then peeked inside the oldest pub in England (apparently). And walked along the Robin Hood trail for a bit.

There was an old church that had been turned into an upscale lounge/bar, the Pitcher & Piano. We stumbled into a museum that had criminals and Robin Hood. Random explorations are fun!

We returned to the house, where I sent a few more couchrequests for Tallinn (which turned out toe be successful), then we went back out into the city for a CitySocialising event at Cape bar. The bus took a while to arrive, so we debated whether to get takeaway food. No. The bar event was nice, I met several people who were interesting to talk to. British people are somewhat like Americans, just more polite, although that's mostly due to the accent. We returned around 11pm in light rain.

Day 47: Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I woke up at 6:15 am to get my stuff together in preparation for my flight to Tallinn. I woke Luisa up and we said bye. I took the bus into the city center and caught the Skylink bus to the airport. There was a bit of traffic, especially crossing the M1, so it took nearly an hour to get there.

I was really worried about my flight - RyanAir had so many new regulations that I was worrying the whole day before. Would my bag be too heavy? I had to get my passport checked by their visa control. How would I get my boarding pass printed out? Anyway, I was expecting it to be miserable. So the fact that things went smoothly at the airport was a bit of a surprise. Because everyone has to check-in online, there was no queue when I went to check in my bag. The boarding was ok, at the furthest gate. I bought a bottle of water and then had a breakfast sausage sandwich from Burger King.

I was lucky enough to have an empty seat next to me. I slept for a portion of the 2.5-hour flight.

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