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23 November 2007

Thanksgiving Abroad

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, or at least it was back in the States. It should also be known as "the worst day to be abroad as an American." It's one of the best holidays, and essentially no one else celebrates. And even trying to re-create Thanksgiving can be a failure: Last week, our study-abroad program organized a Thanksgiving dinner for us students, but it was served at a restaurant where we each had (only!) one plate of turkey, potatoes, sausage. And an odd-tasting pumpkin pie. It was simply not. the. same.

And yesterday, the actual day of Thanksgiving, I had plenty of schoolwork to do; specifically, a paper due. It was only 1000 words, but I had to translate a lot, which was a new challenge. And my actual Thanksgiving dinner? Two ham sandwiches. Sigh... And thanks to laundry, there'll be no shopping for me on this day-after-Thanksgiving.

So to all the Americans out there who are actually home, be thankful that you have home and that you have Thanksgiving! :)