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30 July 2011


Day 62: Thursday, 21 July 2011

We arrived in Turku from Tampere in the evening. Without a map, it could have been difficult to find the apartment where we staying with our hosts, Marko and Ksenia, but I hand-drew a few streets in my notebook that guided us there within 10 minutes. Ksenia was meeting a friend to practice some schoolwork (they were speaking Finnish so they went into the kitchen as Lisle and I got settled). Since they had to work early, we decided to stay in.

I woke up in bed next to Lisle. It was already like 9:30, and Marko and Ksenia had already left for work. We helped ourselves to breakfast - muesli and coffee, but we couldn't find the sugar. And we headed out into the town.

Our goal was to get to the ferry ship terminal so that Lisle could buy her ticket (it wasn't working online). We walked along the river, seeing many pretty buildings. There were a set of giant rubber duckies just floating in the river as part of some art installation.

The riverwalk somehow reminded me of that in Paris. We passed several bridges and interesting ships, and a cool art installation of an oversized daisy.

The weather was cloudy and the forecast had called for rain. After walking for a couple kilometers and stopping at a cafe/museum to use the toilet, we soon found the ferry terminal. It was deserted, except for one ticket office. Lisle got her ticket, and we walked back. Soon, we we at Turku's castle.