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29 October 2007

My First Time in Paris

Paris, baby!

Paris is the most visited city in the world. And its proximity to me in London meant that it was easily a must-see destination. So, I set off for an extended weekend in the city of light!

24 October 2007

Looking Forward to More Trips

My travels are about to shift into high gear. Since I've arrived in London, I've stayed in Britain. But, this weekend I'll be heading to the continent for a few days in Paris! I'm incredibly excited - I'm actually leaving tomorrow night.

And a week after that is our "reading week" which is one week without any classes, intended for students to catch up with their studies. I intend to catch up with my friend Alex in Copenhagen. Hopefully I'll be able to make a side trip to Sweden while I'm there! That will take five days, and after a day in London, I'll be off on a jaunt to Ireland for the second half of my reading week. I'll be visiting Cork (to see some EAP-mates) then headed to Dublin. It's going to be so much fun!

Life in London has been good. Last week, England was in the Rugby World Cup final. Unfortunately, they lost, but nevertheless it was fun to cram in with a few dozen other people outside a pub to catch glimpses of the final game on the TV. (There was supposed to be a big projection in Trafalgar Square, but there was no sign of that.) I found it particularly hilarious/interesting that England's team song is "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."

19 October 2007

A Day in Dover

This past Sunday I traveled to Dover, a town on the southern coast of Britain. It's the closest town in Britain to France. You may have also heard of the white cliffs of Dover. (The reason for the name "Albion.")

Dover is also known for its castle, a strategic location from Roman times all the way to World War II, when secret wartime tunnels were dug as a shelter from air raids.

10 October 2007


Oxford. The very name conjures up images of distinguished academics strolling through halls steeped in centuries of tradition. I always knew Oxford University as the oldest university in the world (actually, it's the oldest university in the English-speaking world), and it is the elitest of the elite, the standard to which every other university is compared. With such a prestigious and prominent reputation, and being only a short bus ride away from London, a visit to Oxford was definitely in order!

Last weekend, I traveled with two classmates to Oxford. We stayed for one night.

We left Friday morning, because none of us have class on Fridays (what a great schedule!). We took the Oxford Tube bus, which runs regularly every day between London and Oxford. We bought tickets for our bus right there, no need to order online, and we were soon on our way to Oxford.

02 October 2007

More London to Explore

My friend Alex is visiting me; he's been here in London since late Saturday night and he's returning to Copenhagen early tomorrow morning. Since he's been here, we've done some more exploring of London.

On Sunday, we went to Abbey Road!