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04 May 2011

The Final Days in the US

I'm about to embark on my big summer travel adventure. I've been planning this for months--no, for years--and it's finally coming true! I'm a bit nervous, but only because there are still many things to plan (couchsurfing requests to write, flights to book, train schedules to research, guidebooks to buy, and clothes to pack). Because I just left my job two weeks ago, the immediacy of this decision has really begun to hit me. I'm feeling more attached to LA and California than I have ever felt before. It would be much easier to leave if I hated my life here. But I don't. The fact that it has been sunny and hot for the last 10 days (I can't remember how long it's been since I've seen a cloud here!) hasn't helped either.

But the road beckons! Here's my itinerary as it looks now:

21 May - Leave LA
21-22 May - Tucson, AZ
23-24 May - El Paso, TX
25-27 May - San Antonio and Austin, TX
28-29 May - Houston, TX
30-31 May - New Orleans, LA
1 June  - Mobile, AL / Florida Panhandle
2 June - Orlando or Tampa Florida
3-5 June - Miami, FL
6 June - Florida coast
7-9 June - GA, SC, NC
10-13 June - VA, DC, Philadelphia, PA
14-15 June - New York, NY
16-18 June - Boston, MA
18-26 June - Iceland
26 June - 5 July - Manchester, Liverpool, northern England
5-12 July - Finland
13-21 July - Sweden
22-25 July - Denmark
26-31 July - Hamburg
1-6 August - Berlin
10-15 August - Budapest (Sziget Festival!)

Then, I'm not sure - Croatia? Slovenia? Austria/Switzerland? Italy/France? Poland? Luxembourg?
mid-September - London