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27 May 2011

Welcome to Austin

Day 6: Thursday, May 26, 2011

Breakfast in San Antonio consisted of a donut. We left around 10am, heading to Austin. It was an hour and a half drive through varying levels of suburbia. Along the freeway, I saw a Whataburger and knew that I had tro try it, so I spontaneously pulled over. The cashier/manager there was very friendly and the burger (which I ordered on Texas toast) was buttery.

I found it odd that every freeway has a collector road on which there are stores and restaurants. You're speeding down these roads at 50 miles per hour and then pulling straight into driveways.

We arrived in Austin, and I drove us straight to our host Sharon's apartment. We said hi, then left to explore the city. It was still really hot. We went to the state capitol, then to the LBJ presidential library, and then walked around the University of Texas Austin. At the capitol, we sampled a bit of the walking tour and learned more about Texan history. I, for one, learned that I find Texan history uninteresting. And the tour of the state capitol was just like the tour of the California state capitol.

I rushed back to the car, fearing that the meter had expired. But it had 10 minutes left on it. So I just felt bad for making Ueli run. Exhausted and sweaty, yuck.