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15 April 2012

Some Travel Inspiration from The World Geography

A great and simple website that I often find myself browsing endlessly is The World Geography. It's mainly a compilation of pages listing interesting destinations, but some of them are truly fascinating. Here's a sampling I have recently browsed through:

33 Picturesque European Towns and Villages

9 Unique and Unusual Travel Destinations

11 of the Most Colorful Cities in the World

9 Offbeat Countries

10 Tallest Trees on Earth

9 Really Unusual Deserts

11 Leaning Towers from Around the World
- did you know that Big Ben leans slightly? (and that the tower itself isn't actually named "Big Ben"?)

Top 9 Strange Streets in the World

14 Strange and Interesting Facts Worldwide

A Beautiful Photo from Every U.S. State

and finally: 10 Unbelievably Beautiful Places You've Probably Never Heard Of

14 April 2012

18 Ways to Travel Free (or Nearly Free)

A helpful website that I often happen upon is Traveldudes. They have a multitude of articles focused primarily on traveling close to the ground, interacting with locals and such. (As you might be able to tell, that is really the only way to travel, in my opinion.) And Traveldudes also provides a great community of like-minded travelers to share tips and inspiration.

One interesting tip they recently shared is 18 ways to travel free (or nearly free). Check it out, and hopefully try out some of these tips yourself!

12 April 2012

Tuk Tuk Travels

Check it out:

11 April 2012

Made in Iceland

Here's an amazing video about Iceland, from the perspective of a girl who hiked across this spectacular land. It does a fairly good job of capturing the sense of other-worldliness and pure wonder that you can only get from visiting Iceland yourself!

MADE IN ICELAND from Klara Harden on Vimeo.

05 April 2012

Travel Inspiration: Eat, Move, Learn

Three compelling short videos from Rick Mereki that really make you want to JUST GET OUT THERE! Enjoy...