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25 May 2008

One Last Trip!

Yesterday I went on the Monopoly Pub Crawl. It is a relatively big "tradition", if you will, of London. It's in the book 101 Things to Do Before You Die. And I finished it! Basically, the point is to travel around London all day and visit all the spots on the London version of the Monopoly board; ideally, one would have a drink at a pub at every stop. I went with a group of about 10, and it was a blast. Our tour didn't take us to a pub at every single stop on the board (we only ended up going to 10 pubs), but we made it to the end. Definitely one of those days to remember.

Anyway, tomorrow morning (really early, yet again! 6:30 am!) I'm leaving on my flight to Vienna (Bratislava). I'm really excited to finally see some of Eastern Europe (Prague) and some cities that I've always wanted to visit (Venice and Rome). And for the first time since I've been in Europe, the weather looks like it'll be T-Shirt weather!

Ooh, less than 2 weeks and I'll be back home. I simply cannot believe it. All I can do is enjoy each moment.

I'll be back in 10 days!

The Monopoly Pub Crawl

Yesterday I embarked on the Monopoly Pub Crawl with several friends. What an experience. It's included in the book 101 Things to Do Before You Die.

An all-day drinkfest. We went with a tour, granting us drink specials at every stop!

20 May 2008

More London Exploring, More Exams

Another post, another impending exam. I guess I need the stress of last-minute studying to push me to actually write a post here.

So, yes, another exam tomorrow, my 4th. This one's on Development Economics, and it's a class I took in the Fall, so I'm hoping I can remember at least some of it well enough to do decently. And I'm also hoping that I do better than I did on my previous exam. AND! Thursday, I have my last exam. (I know, 2 exams in 2 days, but at least they're not on the same day!)

So a little update. I haven't been doing much, just studying, or I should say, attempting to study. It's really hard to focus sometimes, and there are so many things that can distract you.

I went exploring on Sunday. I used buses all day, so I maxed-out my Oyster card at 3 pounds, as opposed to 5 pounds for taking the tube. I went to Shoreditch, walked around the Columbia road flower market, which is really cool and very popular apparently--you can haggle to get, say, a potted plant for 2 pounds. Walked around a bit, and then I stumbled across the Hackney city farm, which is a small farm, mainly for children, in the middle of the city. I checked it out, and I got to see them shearing a sheep--cool! But it was smelly! Anyway, after that I hopped on a bus to Charing Cross where I went to the National Portrait gallery, just because I felt like escaping in a museum. It's really cool. I spent a lot of time in the 16th-18th century galleries, looking at all the official portraits of kings and queens and lords and dukes, etc.--it's amazing how much history is here in London. I wish I had more time to take it all in.

But, alas, this next weekend will be my last in London. I will then take off on one last trip through Europe, hitting some of the major cities I haven't seen yet--Vienna, Prague, Venice, and Rome. I really wish I had more time; then I would try to fit in Barcelona, Madrid, Stockholm, Budapest, and more of England (Liverpool, Stonehenge, Lake District). Oh, well, that means I'll have more to see when I come back next time!

OK, gotta get back to the books! Yet, somehow I don't feel as worried about this exam as I did about the last one. Hmmm.

08 May 2008

Beautiful Weather Always Comes During Exams

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Updated the blog layout... Sometimes you need change. Sometimes you're just bored. And sometimes you have two finals to study for but will do anything but study for them!

Yesterday was simply summery and sublime in London. It was warm (23C) and brilliantly sunny; absolutely cloudless--a rare day indeed!

So naturally I had to go out.

Oh, it's really nice outside today also! Is it some sort of perverted law that the pleasantness of the weather outside is inversely proportional to the obligations that require one to remain inside?

More details later, when I decide I've had enough Austrian Literature.


Thursday, 8 May 2008

I have TWO final exams tomorrow!

And I'm feeling the stress. Just a little.

Must study. And print out some things, and pick up the "accompanying notes" for my exam schedule.

Laters for now.

05 May 2008

Banana Pancakes

...Delicious! I think I will make them more often.

I followed the recipe on the pancake mix box, but I also added cinnamon - I'm such a risk-taker.

The weather's supposed to get up to 20C today and for the next few days! Spring has finally arrived in London, and it's... a lot like winter in LA.

Just over one month until I fly back home! Wow.

Well I should get some studying done, 2 finals on Friday :/

Cheers out.