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07 December 2011

Last Days in Berlin. For Now.

Finally, some warmth and sunlight arrived in Berlin this summer, even if for only a day or two. I took the opportunity to continue exploring the city.

Dickes B

I returned to Berlin from the Highfield Festival on Monday. Of course I was exhausted.

Highfield Festival 2011

The Highfield Festival is one of the many music festivals that occur every summer in Europe. It also happened to be one that I went to. Awesome!

Hanging Out in Dresden and Leipzig

Day 90: Thursday, 18 August 2011

Dresden was fun. I even got to tag along for a short trip to my friend's band's show at a small underground punk venue in Leipzig. Good times!

Baroquen Dresden

Day 89: Wednesday, 17 August 2011
Dresden is full of attractive historical sights, especially in the old town (Altstadt) and along the River Elbe.

Dresden Street Art

Day 88: Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Dresden. An amazing city. You may know it for its distinctive and historic baroque architecture, which earned it the moniker "Florence of the north"; or perhaps you know it for being heavily bombed and almost completely destroyed by Allied bombing during World War II (Slaughterhouse-Five, anyone?).

Both of these aspects were true, and you experience the surreal historical beauty of Dresden most directly in the Altstadt (old city), in the center on the south bank of the River Elbe. My first impressions of Dresden, however, were that of the Neustadt (new city), north of the river. Here, the buildings are (relatively) newer, and frankly not as "pretty," but the lifestyle is more authentic, albeit trendy. Walking around this part of town, you can't help but notice the incredible levels of artistry bursting through almost every building's stone edifices.

The Kunsthof Passage is a small plaza somewhat hidden in the heart of the Neustadt, just off Görlitzer Straße.