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30 October 2012

Airplanes Landing at Heathrow (Time Lapse Video)

You may know that I'm a sucker for time-lapse videos, and I've stumbled upon a cool one this morning. It's of airplanes approaching to land at London Heathrow's airport. It really gives you a sense of how frequently planes are landing at one of the world's busiest airports. (Apparently an airplane either takes off or lands at Heathrow every 45 seconds - incredible!) Check it out below!

21 October 2012

The Scotland Video

Here's the video of my road trip to Scotland earlier this year! It was really fun, if you couldn't tell. Man, it really makes me want to hit the road again.

17 October 2012

Empty America: San Francisco without the People

Live in the city is bustling, but it can also be lonely.

Here's a fascinating and beautifully-made time-lapse video from Thrash Lab. It shows scenes from the beautiful city of San Francisco, but with all traces of living people removed. Imagine the amount of Photoshopping needed to pull this off. It's simply stunning. Bravo!

Watch San Francisco Time Lapse (Empty America) on Youtube.

A Look at the Greatest Journeys

For many of us intrepid travelers, the thrill of our journeys comes with breaking through into the unknown. The discovery of new places and meeting new people seems to evoke a sort of parallel self-discovery within ourselves. By putting ourselves in a new environment, we challenge ourselves to grow in some way. It's truly invigorating.

Some of the greatest  journeys in history have done just that, pushing out into the frontier, and, in many cases, challenging the collective values and knowledge of society itself. For any full-time traveler, travel enthusiast, or aspiring traveler, learning about these historic journeys is fascinating, enriching, and inspiring.

And I just discovered a great interactive map, brought to you by the fine people at GOOD. Check it out, and enjoy: History's greatest journeys, from Magellan to Kerouac.