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20 May 2008

More London Exploring, More Exams

Another post, another impending exam. I guess I need the stress of last-minute studying to push me to actually write a post here.

So, yes, another exam tomorrow, my 4th. This one's on Development Economics, and it's a class I took in the Fall, so I'm hoping I can remember at least some of it well enough to do decently. And I'm also hoping that I do better than I did on my previous exam. AND! Thursday, I have my last exam. (I know, 2 exams in 2 days, but at least they're not on the same day!)

So a little update. I haven't been doing much, just studying, or I should say, attempting to study. It's really hard to focus sometimes, and there are so many things that can distract you.

I went exploring on Sunday. I used buses all day, so I maxed-out my Oyster card at 3 pounds, as opposed to 5 pounds for taking the tube. I went to Shoreditch, walked around the Columbia road flower market, which is really cool and very popular apparently--you can haggle to get, say, a potted plant for 2 pounds. Walked around a bit, and then I stumbled across the Hackney city farm, which is a small farm, mainly for children, in the middle of the city. I checked it out, and I got to see them shearing a sheep--cool! But it was smelly! Anyway, after that I hopped on a bus to Charing Cross where I went to the National Portrait gallery, just because I felt like escaping in a museum. It's really cool. I spent a lot of time in the 16th-18th century galleries, looking at all the official portraits of kings and queens and lords and dukes, etc.--it's amazing how much history is here in London. I wish I had more time to take it all in.

But, alas, this next weekend will be my last in London. I will then take off on one last trip through Europe, hitting some of the major cities I haven't seen yet--Vienna, Prague, Venice, and Rome. I really wish I had more time; then I would try to fit in Barcelona, Madrid, Stockholm, Budapest, and more of England (Liverpool, Stonehenge, Lake District). Oh, well, that means I'll have more to see when I come back next time!

OK, gotta get back to the books! Yet, somehow I don't feel as worried about this exam as I did about the last one. Hmmm.

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