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10 March 2010

Salchipapas and Skype

6:50 PM.

We're back at the apartment in Agua Buena. I just got Christina hooked on Sporcle :). We just came back from dinner at a not-so-nearby soda. Carlos, our taxi driver from today, picked us up at 5pm sharp (they're surprisingly punctual here) and dropped us off at the soda, which is about 3 miles out of the town. We had chalupas and an order of salchipapas (fries with cut up slices of fried sausage).

The sodas here are just small, casual restaurants. Costa Rica's equivalent of a take-away chip shop (I can't think of any Stateside equivalent, maybe a diner?). They're not fast food by any means - few things here move quickly. The food was decent; we talked literature while eating.

I took note of the distance to the soda because we had planned to walk all the way back, in the drizzle. Luckily, as we began to walk, we the last bus for the night headed our way! We flagged it down, and it stopped for us, even though there was no bus stop. The fare would've been 1200 colones, but we only had 1050 on us, which the bus driver accepted :). I can't imagine this level of courtesy and generosity ever happening on a bus in the US (definitely not in LA).


8:15 PM.

It's Christina's last night with her laptop so I'm letting her use it up - she's skyping. We considered renting Sin Nombre but didn't because we'd be in San José and unable to return the DVD.

*yawn* I'm tired now, laying on my sleeping bag atop this mattress.


10:50 PM.

Ha, I passed out while writing the previous entry.

We have our stuff now mostly packed for San José; it took some effort (and rolling-up of clothes, thanks Christina!) to fit all our stuff into my bags. Apparently I need to invest in space bags. We skyped with Brandon and helped him edit his craigslist ad for a new roommate in his SF pad. Anyway, I'm gonna read a bit more and head to sleep to wake up early for our 6am bus. Ciao!

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