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06 March 2010

Margaritas and Hammocks

8:00 AM. Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another warm morning, another early sunrise. It's extremely easy to wake up here (with the sun and the heat already coming in by 6am), but it feels simply glorious.

Yesterday we finished the park mid-afternoon, exiting through the beach exit - there's a small river that you have to cross to get out of the park. A couple locals operate a "bridge" - essentially two boats tied together that you walk over. Just like trolls charging a toll. Well, not really a toll - they were just collecting tips. But still... Christina and I each had a beer at the bus stop by the beach and we returned to the hostel. There's a restaurant along the road that is made from an old US air force bomber aircraft - it looks really cool (I think the restaurant's called "El Aviar" or something).

Back at the hostel, I read some Freakonomics in my bed but soon passed out in an exhausted and sweaty state. It was absolutely steamy in there. Sunset came and I took it in on the balcony, enjoying one of the many hammocks they have here. Christina and I met Megan from Indiana, a senior at Notre Dame who's on spring break.

Soon we were hungry and went to dinner at the next door seafood restaurnat (MarLuna) with Kirsten and Caitlyn from Portland. The restaurant served really good margaritas - stiff drinks - I had a mojito and then a margarita. It was around 10pm when we finished (restaurant service here just simply takes longer, there's no need to rush). Christina quickly headed straight to bed (aided by several margaritas, no doubt). I stayed up with the hostel.

We tried to recruit Rhoda to Couchsurfing. [other people there included Celeste, Yelva, Lola, Webb, Mike from Boston, Zac from Rhode Island, Patrick, and a group of 7 or so American students who are beginning a program at U Costa Rica, I talked with Leticia.]


9:25 AM

Had coffee and bread outside with Kirsten. Now just waiting to get picked up by the tour bus to take us zip-lining! I've run out of things to write about, haha. All this writing can get tedious.

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