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08 August 2008

Summer Update

So it's already 08/08/08, which is supposed to be a day of good luck. That's largely why the Olympics begin today in Beijing!

The summer back in the States has been surreal but amazing. This past week, I traveled to Las Vegas with a few friends. It was my first real time visiting Vegas as a fully legal U.S. adult (staying only one night in Vegas with family this past June shouldn't count). My friends and I stayed at Imperial Palace, which had a great location right on the strip, just across from Caesar's Palace and The Mirage. I don't really enjoy gambling though; the thought of giving your money away just doesn't appeal to me in general. As we'd say in micro-economics, I'm "risk-averse".

I can't believe that I'm already counting down the days until I return to Berkeley, which will be next weekend! I'm excited to go back to school, but I feel like I need more time to catch up with friends this summer. Think about it: This is essentially my last summer as a student. Scary to think about, innit?

I had several groups of relatives visit my family this summer, in June and July. It was pretty hectic hosting them and showing them around, but they really appreciated it. As I alluded to, my relatives and I traveled through Las Vegas, on our way to the Grand Canyon (which was also amazing) and Phoenix in a heat wave (which you definitely do NOT want to experience!). 119°F heat is indescribable - suffice it to say that I had a croissant toast in my hand as I walked outside. We also made a small trip to San Diego. Seems like the travel never stops for me! I feel so grateful, yet in the end, seeing new and exciting places makes me feel more attached to home.

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