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21 January 2008

Pisa and Firenze

I'm back from my weekend in Italy. It was beautiful, interesting, full of art, paintings and sculptures galore, and I got a good sampling of Italy.

But I went through an ordeal getting back from the airport! It was just a series of setbacks, and I was tired, stressed, angry, totally exhausted, hungry, dehydrated, dirty, and sleepy, which doesn't make a good combination.

Flew over the alps. Arrived at Pisa's Aeroporto Galileo Galilei.

First impression? Interesting.

My friends, whom I was staying with, were a little late coming to the airport; they had missed their train. No problem. It was exciting to see them, and then we headed off to explore Pisa for a little bit. I think you know what that means...

I did the leaning tower thing but chose to lean my way.

The famous Pisa Baptistry (unjustly not as famous as the nearby leaning tower). I read about this Baptistry in my architecture class.

Italian trains. I'm not in England anymore. And definitely not in Germany.

Piazza della Repubblica, from a rooftop cafe.

Uffizi gallery

Piazza della Repubblica by day.

Statues and art everywhere!

Ponte Vecchio

Italian hot chocolate! Amazing (and unsweetened)!

Boboli gardens, behind the Pitti Palace

Bardini gardens

Waiting for my train back... and about to miss my train connection in Pisa to get to the airport! It was too late to wait for the next train (30 minutes) so I sprang the €6 for a taxi :/

AND THAT'S NOT ALL! I had quite the ordeal upon arriving back in London. The bus was stopped coming from Stratford to Mile End, so I got off and walked down to the next stop, as they instructed us. Very frustrating, and I didn't get back until close to midnight.

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