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01 December 2007

Let's Drive to Brighton on the Weekend

I just got back from a day trip to Brighton.

As expected, I am very tired. I had a good day though, considering I didn't have any real expectations.

It rained, though! 5 times! And my umbrella broke!

Other than the rain, I enjoyed Brighton. It's got that funky, beach-town vibe. Almost (dare I say it?) Californian. (Of course, it's not really similar to a CA beach town; no city in the UK is really similar to any city in the US, it's just that Brighton is how England "does" the beach.)

The cityscape of London transitioned to the Sussex countryside.

Soon I was in Brighton, London's closest beach escape. I left the bus stop and headed straight for the city's most recognizable landmark: The Brighton Pier.

The weather was unsettled - windy with bouts of rain showers in between clear periods.

I did a lot of walking, up and down the waterfront.

I bought some new shoes! Everything's going alright!

And now, I think I will get some sleep. Good night!

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